We are a business inspired by Vision

driven by Mission and underpinned by Values

We have put our Vision, Mission and Values here for you to see

along with what they mean to our candidates

clients and partners so that you can decide whether

we are a company built of things which matter to you

Management Philosophy

To integrate global resources for continuous innovation, to provide a better way of life and a better working environment for mankind, to achieve the goal of continuous operation through practices of professional excellence, working enthusiasm, and enterprise responsibility

Mission Statement

To provide a better way of life and a better working environment for mankind

For Taiwan: be able to develop high precision, high-tech, high value-added industrial products.

For the world: HIWIN products can replace hydraulic components, reduce pollution and noise, and conserve energy

To provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for employees as well as to maximize profit for shareholders

HIWIN is a combination of Hi-tech WINner. This means, “You are a Hi-tech WINner with us.”

HIWIN comes from “HI-tech WINner” and means, “With us, you are a hi-tech winner.” As you incorporate our product within your applications, you will realize the uncompromising value and leading technological advancements available through Hiwin.

Beside this, we also take pride in our industry’s acknowledgments of our innovative technology. The principle of providing our customers with greater value through technological advancements and enhanced global competition is the foundation that supports Hiwin’s plan to be the leader in hi-tech industry.

HIWIN has become a well-known brand with patents registered in over 34 countries including the US, Japan, the European Union, and more.